Clear, Compelling Words That Get Results

It’s a tough world for words these days.


On the one hand, there’s the trend toward mass production of words. It starts by thinking of social media as an insatiable baby bird: “Feed me! Feed me,” it squawks. So your content developer surfs the web. Finds some material that’s somewhat relevant. Digests it—at least partially. Regurgitates. Then on to the next. No time for depth or thoughtfulness. Just keep those words coming.

And then there’s the counter trend: Who needs words? Image is all. We want photos, animation, eye-catching graphics. Put that paragraph in gray so it doesn’t distract. Or leave it out altogether, so there’s more white space to pop the image.

But the fact is, words matter. So do images, of course. But they have to be the right words, the right images.

Giving you the right words to do the job—that’s my job.

Your job is to answer some questions: What do you want this communication to do for you? Who’s your audience? What do you want those clients, customers, site visitors—to feel when they’re interacting with your material? Most importantly, what do you want them to do?

Once I know that, I go to work crafting clear, compelling words that accomplish your purpose.

That’s all. That’s what I do. It’s hard work. It’s wonderful work. And I love it.

Along the way, I get to learn—about your business, your industry, your customers. That’s fun. It’s exciting.

And, together, we get to change the world a little. We connect customers and clients with the work you do uniquely well, the products you produce that will improve their lives and their bottom line.


That’s my idea of power.

© 2015 Joan Oliver Goldsmith. All rights reserved.