Praise From Satisfied Clients



Joan Oliver Goldsmith did a magnificent job of assisting me in researching, rewriting, and editing the manuscript.”

— Steve Rothschild in the Acknowledgments of The Non Nonprofit:

For-Profit Thinking for Nonprofit Success, pub. Jossey-Bass


“I have frequently employed Joan Oliver Goldsmith as a ghostwriter for articles published under the byline of 3M executives or consultants to 3M. Joan is a bright, reliable professional who is able to develop a high degree of rapport with a variety of people and produce excellent written material.”

— Anne Greer, Greer Enterprises; former Manager, Brand Group, 3M


“Thank you so much for your critical contribution to the book. You helped to make our thoughts and words come alive.

— Mara Melum, co-author, Total Quality Management: The Health Care Pioneers,

pub. American Hospital Publishing


“As a collaborative writer, Joan developed stories by interviewing MDA consultants, interviewing senior executives from other companies, reviewing MDA research and doing additional background research. Joan has turned stories around under tight deadlines and with little work direction—which is much appreciated.”

— Shelly Rushmeyer, Director of Marketing, MDA Leadership Consulting

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