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What do you want that book, article or blog to do
for you?

  • Increase revenue?
  • Build a more powerful brand—your own or your organization’s?
  • Acquire a larger, more profitable client list?
  • Transform the ways for-profits and nonprofits do business?


Whatever your reason for publishing, chances are you have great business ideas and stories just waiting to reach their audience and achieve those objectives.


But executives and consultants—even those who have excellent connections to lucrative markets—simply don’t have time to write.


I do and I can.


I’ve worked both sides: hired by editors and publishers as well as executives and consultants to research, write, rewrite and edit everything from short blogs to trade journal articles to full-length books.


All it takes is acute listening, skillful writing and efficient project management.


And a passion for bringing the author’s great ideas and stories to people who will seize them and flourish.


That’s my job and it’s a blast.